Sports Osteopathy

Exercising is key to maintain good health. Many of us enjoy regular physical and sporting activities to keep fit or for competition. The nature of your job plays a major role in your health as well. Being in a seated position all day, long travel, or repetitive physical tasks can all affect your health.

Everyone, from the most casual participant to the elite professional/athlete, share the same worry: injury.

Most injuries, unless they are traumatic in nature, are often caused by overtraining or overuse, change in training volume and intensity, poor technique, incorrect equipment, and inappropriate warm up/down may also predispose you to injury.

Sport at a competitive level is challenging for the body, and athletes must to understand the importance on their health on their performance, especially if they intend to have a long and injury free career. Osteopathy, by balancing the body as a whole, is a key factor in optimising performance.

Sports Osteopathy is provided at the Vauxhall Clinic by Alex des Monstiers

J Loveday & A des Monstiers: treatment post race

J Loveday & A des Monstiers: treatment post race