What do Osteopaths treat?

It is a commonly held belief that Osteopaths only treat back issues.  Whilst back pain is frequently treated, other conditions can also be helped such as postural issues, joint deterioration, and reduced mobility. Other parts of the body also respond well to osteopathy, including shoulders, hips, knees, and feet.

Do I need to see my GP before seeing an Osteopath?  

No - you can book to see an Osteopath without needing a referral from your GP or other healthcare professionals.

What should I wear?

You can wear anything that makes you feel comfortable such as shorts and a tee-shirt. Osteopaths conduct a detailed examination so you may need to undress to your underwear or to remove some clothing in order to observe areas of the body causing concern during the assessment and/or treatment.

What manual therapy techniques are used?

Osteopaths use gentle hands-on myofascial release techniques, joint mobilisation and manipulation.

Can I bring a chaperone with me?

Absolutely, you are welcome to bring a friend or a family member with you. Anyone under the age of 16 should be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian

What to expect during the initial consultation?·      

  • A detailed discussion of your current problem(s).

  • A detailed discussion of your medical history and systemic health as appropriate.A full postural and physical examination (may include orthopaedics and neurological testing as well as a general health screening).

  • An explanation of the diagnosis and treatment, and of a treatment plan (short & long term) and prognosis

  • Treatment management may also include the prescription of rehabilitation exercises and advice on posture, nutrition, ergonomics, and lifestyle.

  • In some cases you may be referred to your GP for any further investigation, if necessar


 Private Medical Insurance accepted: AXA PPP healthcare, Aviva, Cigna - WPA - Simply Health - Vitality Health, HSA.


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