SF London: Excellent, professional treatment. It's fantastic to find an osteo who understands your condition & helps you manage your injury to get you back doing the sport you love.

GV London: I have worked with Alex (or he has worked on me!) for over a decade now, helping to optimise my performance initially in high performance rowing through to multiple marathons. He takes a holistic approach when analysing any aches/ injuries, looking to solve the source of the problem rather than simply the symptom. He finds a great balance between making me wince when focussing on particularly tight areas to gentler methods to improve mobility. I’d certainly recommend him.

CC London: I would have no hesitation in recommending Alex, having helped me through a series of rowing injuries in a thoroughly professional and personable way. Although first and foremost an excellent osteopath, he is also now a good friend, which is as much a reflection of his personality as it is a testament to the treatment and care of his patients.

EC London: Alex is exceptionally talented at his profession but in addition to this his warm personality shines through to make him my first choice for injury treatment or rehabilitation of my back. His new clinic in London is fantastic and I would certainly recommend a visit.

SP London: Alex is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Specific instead of vague which I really appreciate with any back related treatmen

AM London: I have been working with Alex at London Osteo for about a year and he is superb. He successfully helped me train for the London marathon last year. Highly professional, deep capabilities across different areas and a very relaxed and friendly manner. We will plan for my next challenge together!

FRBC London: I started off as a client and have since become a friend! Alex knows exactly how to work with athletes and do what's needed to keep them performing at the highest level. Incredibly knowledgeable, personable and professional he is a key asset for any high performing team.

ST London: Alex is a top Osteopath. I have seen him for years with various different sports injuries and he has always treated the problem and advised me on the best possible rehabilitation plan.

AC London: I saw Alex for some rowing related niggles during race season. Really helpful and the treatment and exercise rehab plan sorted out my neck. I still love my spikey ball!

PT London: Despite being French 😄 Alex is without doubt the best Osteo/Sports Physio I have ever seen - and believe me I’ve had more than my fair share. Superb treatment of Sports, Office and Age related injuries over the last 6 years. I can recommend all aspects of his many Services without the slightest hesitation. A true professional and an expert in his field. It takes real skill to be treating an England Captain in the morning and an old knacker like me in the afternoon - transitioning between the two seamlessly, with a vocational sureness of touch.

AK London: Alex at London Osteo Clinic is absolutely fantastic. I have been seeing him on and off for a few years now for a variety of different reasons. He always takes the time to listen and assess and explain what is going on before any treatment, which I really value. I have recommended him to several people who have all said how brilliant he is. If you are looking for an osteo who not only knows his stuff but genuinely cares then look no further. Alex will not only support you in the treatment room but he will also provide support outside of it as and when required. It is no wonder he is in such hot demand from the sporting world. A world that demands the best.

LI London: Only Osteo that sorted out my issues. Wont waste your time and will get you sorted at a good price!

CW London: Having had endless problems with a variety of pains and injuries Alex is always able to diagnose the problem, explain it in layman's terms and treat accordingly using different therapies and approaches. From whiplash, incessant shoulder pain, acute lower back spasm to a knee injury he has got me back on track when other specialists had been unable to. Highly professional, personable, very fairly priced and incredibly knowledgable he came highly recommended to me and I don't hesitate in recommending him to others. Thank you!

ES Florida: Excellent treatment and Alex is a pleasure to be around while getting your treatment done. Goes the extra mile with giving at home exercises to do between visits

GS Norwich: Alex is fantastic! He has helped me overcome lots of sports injuries and given really great advice to get back on track!

JM London: Fantastic treatment. Alex has helped me sort out a range of injuries and always takes care to explain the potential causes and what exercises to do to aid recovery. Could not recommend him enough.

GM London: Alex is a fantastic Osteopath, I have been seeing him on and off for about 4 years now for various injuries and niggles. He doesn’t just treat the problem but looks at it from a holistic point of view and has a wide range of knowledge covering other aspects of health that could be contributing to your problem. He’s great, really supportive and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

SM London: I highly recommend Alex to friends, family and colleagues because Alex has helped me recover from rowing injuries on multiple occasions, and advised on suitable stretches during recovery. Anyone stuffing from joint or muscle pain or suffered an injury or unknown cause - go see Alex!

LR London: Great care and treatments. Real professional. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

LM London: Alex at London Osteo Clinic is an amazing osteopath. Having been seeing him on and off for the past three years for sports related injuries and general osteopathic treatment. He always has the time to explain what is going on and the treatment required to fix the problem. I can't recommend a better osteo.